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Lost Stream Map
The story of how the first stream and lake map came into being begins with the late Howard Higbee, who spent 30 years drawing a map that became known to anglers as the "Lost Stream Map."
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Rave Reviews
"It's an angler's dream, a masterpiece, a map that contains streams you won't find on other maps. The possibilities for exploring new waters are endless when you fathom the scope of the map."
--George Smith
The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

"It is amazingly detailed and names some creeks in the Mohawk Valley that can't even be found on topographic maps."
--John Pitarres
Utica Observer-Dispatch, Utica,
New York

"No matter how enamored with maps you are, you've never seen a map like Professor Higbee's Stream Map of Colorado."
--Dave Buchanan
The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, Colorado

Professor Higbee's® Stream & Lake Maps

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of map should I buy: rolled-paper, folded-paper, rolled-laminated, or BIG MAP MURAL?

A. About 82% of customers buy the map to hang on their wall -- and the laminated map is the best choice because you can write-on and wipe-off the surface when you use a dry erase pen. The laminated maps have brass eyelets for hanging with tacks. The laminated maps are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Most customers don't realize how beautiful the maps look until they hang it on their wall -- then they often decide to frame the map. You can frame the laminated map by mounting it to a board -- the advantage over a paper map is that you won't have to add heavy and breakable glass.

If you want to make a dramatic change in a room—add a BIG MAP MURAL. People are stopped in their tracks when they see it. The map is printed on repositionable vinyl—so it’s easy to hang. If you need a specific size to fit your space—please give us a call and we will quote a price.

The folded maps are great for taking on fishing trips.

Q. May I exchange my paper map for a laminated map?

A. Yes. Simply return the paper map to the return address on the shipping label. Include the price difference plus shipping and if you are a Pennsylvania resident add 6% sales tax. We will promptly ship you a laminated map.

Q. Do the maps have roads?

A. Yes. Major and secondary roads are in a lighter color so the blue water stands out as the primary feature. Water can be very difficult to see on most maps. We've made blue the brightest color. Our maps work with other geographical maps by quadrant -- so a back-road atlas works well along with our waterway map.

Q. What are watershed boundaries?

A. They appear on our map as green lines. It helps to think of the tops of mountains and hills as forming the borders of large basins. All the water that falls within a boundary will eventually end up in the same place flowing from small tributaries to larger creeks, then usually into a river. On the other side of the mountain or hill, the water flows in another direction into another basin.

Q. How often are maps updated?

A. Changes are made every two to three years. Streams seldom change their directions, but sometimes names change. New lakes and ponds are added. We appreciate hearing from our customers when they spot what they believe is the occasional error. This helps us make Professor Higbee's® Stream and Lake Maps the best possible.

Q. How do I hang my BIG MAP MURAL?

A. Hanging requires two people. If you make a mistake –simply peel the mural off the wall and start over. You’ll need a smooth clean surface and a level line to indicate the top edge. Peel off a few inches of the backing paper and match the top edge to the level line. Continue peeling off the backing paper and smooth the mural to the wall a little at a time. If the mural comes in two pieces match the two sides by first matching the top marks. For complete and printable instructions, click here.

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