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"Ultimate Fishing Maps has made finding the 'unknown' places a breeze, allowing for worthwhile spontaneous outings. This GPS software allows for easy planning and navigating to several fishing destinations through the course of a day, some familiar and some you might not know exist."
--Captain Joe Demalderis
Cross Current Guide Service

"Provides incredibly detailed mapping and directions for more than 5,000 miles of Pennsylvania trout-stocked waters, more than 2,000 miles of class A and wilderness trout waters, and more than 3,200 miles of the state's bass fishing areas."
--West Chester Daily

"Because the technology is limitless, the GPS maps contain directions to almost every fishable species in the state. They also include information on public boat ramps, wildlife education centers and state regulations regarding particular bodies of water or species."
--Chissa Shoemaker Debree
Bucks County Courier Times
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Professor Higbee's® Stream & Lake Maps

GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania The Perfect Companion to a Professor Higbee's® Stream & Lake Map

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This microSD card designed for Garmin nuvi GPS covers fishing across the entire state of Pennsylvania and allows fishermen to easily drive to shore fishing and boating access points on thousands of miles of Pennsylvania rivers, lakes, streams and ponds.

Bass Smallmouth Largmouth Striped Spotted Muskie Tiger Muskellunge White Black Crappie Northern Pike Chain Pickerel

Find the best fishing for Stocked & Wild Trout, Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass, Stripers, Muskie, Walleye, Pike and many other species. Find Lakes that support your boat's horsepower rating. Find boat launches on major rivers and streams across the state. Find the closest fishing spots to you, no matter where you are.

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Features & Benefits for Pennsylvania Anglers


Thousands of Fishing Spots on Rivers, Lakes, & Streams

Sport Fishing Page

Fishing Spots

Explore thousands of fishing opportunities across Pennsylvania or zero in on the fishing spots nearest you no matter where you are in the state with Gogal Publishing's GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania. Just like searching for a gas station, the distance and direction to each and every fishing location is automatically calculated and displayed from closest to farthest away.


Choose your fishing spot from any Menu Page

Press your Garmin's touch screen on any fishing spot from the menu display and your Garmin maps your selected fishing destination. You can zoom in and out on this map to view your desired fishing location at any level of road detail or Just press "GO" on the screen and your Garmin GPS gives you turn by turn directions, allowing you to drive directly to that fishing point. Once you arrive, park your car right there and you're ready to fish.

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 1

The Map Display for Streams and Rivers shows the exact fishing access point and takes anglers directly to where they can approach the river or stream to fish.

The Map Display for Lakes shows the exact location where a boat launch or parking for shore fishing is available.


Get Detailed Information with "Press for More"

Every fishing location in the GPS Fishing Guide is loaded with additional information including all the quality fishing species available in that specific area to make your fishing experience rewarding. Your Garmin even calculates the actual driving distance and travel time for you to that spot.

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 1


Scoll down on the display and find:

Fishing & Boating Regulations - Integrated into every fishing point is the full listing of the primary fishing and boating regulations that apply to that particular river, lake, stream or pond for 2011. You’ll know whether you're fishing a Big Bass Water, Panfish Enhancement Area, Lake Erie and Tributary Water along with any boating restrictions that may apply. All regulation listings are updated annually by Ultimate Fishing Maps.

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 1


Scoll down even further on the display to find:

Season Size & Creel Limits - You'll find all of the dates, size limits and harvest limits for every species you might catch at that particular location. It's like having the whole rulebook right in your Garmin.

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 1


Advanced Search Capabilities Included!

Gogal Publishing has integrated advanced search capabilities into the GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania. These searches allow you to tailor your fishing experience and display only those fishing spots that work for your fishing style without extra clutter.

Sport Fishing Page

Fishing Spots

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 1


Advanced Search Capabilities Included!

"Find Trout Fishing"

Search for Stocket Trout Waters, Special Regulation Trout Waters, Class A Trout Waters or Wilderness Trout Waters. These waters will be listed from nearest to farthest from your present location. You can even use "Search All Trout Waters" to spell a stream or lake and find that trout fishing location anywhere in the state.

Sport Fishing Page

Fishing Spots


"Find Bass Fishing"

Organized just like "Find Trout", Use Find Bass Fishing to search for Inland Waters Bass, Special Regulation Bass Waters or "Search All Bass Waters" to spell and Bass Fishing lake, river or stream you are looking for.

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 1


"Find Other Fishing by Species"

Loaded with much more that just Trout and Bass fishing, "Find Other Fishing by Species" allows you to narrow your fishing search and find the hotspots for just the species you want to catch. Once you make your fish selection, you'll see only fishing destinations that have good populations of your targeted fish species listed in order from closest to farthest away from your present location.

Muskie or Tiger Muskie, Largemouth Bass, Walleye Saugeye or Sauger, Smallmouth Bass

Northern Pike or Chain Pickerel, Channel Catfish, Striped Spotted or White Bass, White or Black Crappies

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 1


"Find Lakes for My Boat"

With this selection, you have the ability to search for fishing lakes based on the type and size motor on your boat. This is an ideal tool for boaters. If you have a 20 horsepower motor, you can limit the display of fishing spots to only those lakes where your boat is legal.

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 1

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 2


"Find River and Stream Boat Accesses"

This search allows you to find the public access boat launches along the major rivers and streams in the state. Each river is separately searchable and results in a specialized set of fishing points that navigate directly to no fee public boat launches with adequate parking for vehicles and trailers.

Allegheny River, Clarion River, Delaware River

French Creek, Juniata River, Lehigh River, Monongahela River

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 1


Choose "Spell" to search for a specific Lake, River, or Stream

Every once in a while, a friend tells us about a great new spot for fishing. With the GPS Fishing Guide, you can easily find that fishing spot for yourself. Just "spell" the name of that lake or stream. Any destination matching the typed keywords will be displayed no matter how far away they are from your present location. Once found, you'll have access to the same detailed information for that fishing spot or you can just press "Go" and you're on your way to try out the fishing for yourself.

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 1

Type in a Lake, River, or Stream Name

Search Result Displayed Lake Minsi


Planning to Travel?

Search Near Different Towns or Cities for Fishing Spots

In addition to displaying local fishing opportunities, special features built into most Garmin units allow fishermen using the GPS Fishing Guide to plan a fishing trip to distant locations. This is a great tool for Pennsylvania fishermen to plan their in-state vacations. For out-of-state visitors to PA, you'll have all the insider information you need to enjoy the fantastic fishing Pennsylvania has to offer. Just use the back button till you see "Near".


Choose "Near..." from the Main Menu

Choose Fishing Lakes by you Boat's Motor 1

Choose a Different City

Just enter the city name!

Once you've entered your city, go back into the GPS Fishing Guide. Your Garmin will now list all fishing locations near that city based on your menu selections.


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