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Best Streams for Great Lakes Steelhead
Bob Linsenman

Now, for the first time in a single volume, a complete background on these fish, how they came to be in the Great Lakes, what they feed on, what flies best imitate their food base, plus the low-down on tackle, tactics, and where to go to have the best luck. No other volume offers this detailed assessment of the best fly fishing streams along the shores of all five Great Lakes.   $35.00


Complete Guide to Eastern Hatches
Tom Fuller

This book begins with a detailed section on identifying hatches that will enable anglers to know what they’re looking at when they see those bugs on the water. Part II of the book is a complete guide on when and where the major hatches occur. You’ll learn about everything from the famous Hex hatch in Michigan to the Hendrickson hatch on the Housatonic. Finally, Part III is a guide to the flies to use in fishing these hatches – traditional imitations, regional variations, and advice on designing new flies.   $35.00


Fly Fishers Guide to the South Platte
Pat Dorsey

A complete how-to fly-fishing manual for the entire South Platte River drainage. It encompasses a thorough look at the each section of the river detailing the hatches and recommended fly patterns for each of the four season of the year. This book represents decades of experience from the op guide on this demanding river. The book is illustrated with 160 plus color photographs and 30 illustrations.   $34.95


The New Jersey Boat Fisherman
Nick Honachefsky

Fifty ocean hot spots off the New Jersey coast are the focus of this detailed guide for the boating angler. The waters off the New Jersey shore include prime ocean fishing opportunities, for striped bass, fluke, cod, sharks, tuna and many other species. Honachefsky details these locations, how to find them (with GPS and Loran specifics), and how they are fished.   $16.95


American's 100 Best Trout Streams
John Ross

They are the places that fire an angler’s dreams – the rivers and creeks voted the best places to catch trout in America by members of Trout Unlimited. Each chapter in this text covers one of these 100 waters – describing the river, the species of trout found there, the hatches, the flies and lures that will catch these trout, the best months to go, and even a bit of conservation history.   $11.40


Catskill Rivers Birthplace of Fly Fishing
Austin M Francis

The Beaverkill, the Willowemoc, the Neversink, the Delaware, the Esopus, the Schoharie – these hallowed trout streams have been hailed for generations as “the birthplace of American fly fishing.” Here is their story. Painstakingly researched and beautifully told, Catskill Rivers will likely remain the definitive study of these fabled waters and the remarkable people who created the American fly-fishing tradition.   $21.95


Housatonic River Fly Fishing Guide
Jeff Passante

The Housatonic is one of the East's finest fishing rivers. Passante explans the hatches, when they occur, how important they are, and the flies to use; each fly is explained as to its individual effectiveness and use, Full color, including a photograph of each fly. 6 x9 inches, 56 pages.  $14.95


Steelhead Fly-Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula
Doug Rose

The Olympic Peninsula has some of the most well-known major steelhead rivers in the world, and Doug Rose has been fly-fishing in them for decades. This book is a great fishing guide for the area, but it goes so much deeper than that. Rose also discusses the wonderful history of the region, the famous fly-fishers and tiers, conservation issues, and special points of interest. The rivers covered in-depth, include: the Queets, Bogachiel, Hoh, and Quinalt, jut to name a few. If you fish for steelhead, you need this book. 6 x9 inches, 156 pages.  $15.95


Alaska Fishing on a Budget
Bernard R Rosenberg

Have you always wanted to go fishing in Alaska, but figured it was way out of your budget? If so, then this book is for you. Bernard has almost 20 years of experience planning spin fishing trips to Alaska at a very affordable price. This complete trip-planning book includes: resources; timing your trip; best fishing locations; arranging your flight and itinerary; vehicle rental; equipment and necessities to bring; protection from bugs, bears, and rain; packing for the trip; stocking up in Anchorage; on the road; techniques; preserving and processing your catch; etiquette; and so much more. Bernard can orchestrate the perfect trip for the minimum amount of money, follow his blueprint and you can't go wrong. 6 x 9 inches, 111 pages.  $14.95


Great Smoky Mountains National Park Angler's Companion
Ian Rutter

Ian Rutter unlocks the secrets of this gorgeous region, including: trout streams, game fish, fishing methods, fishing season, catching larger trout, trout flies, and more. Some of the streams are closed to fishing for the study and preservation of brook trout populations, but those that are open to fishing are described individually, including fish species, productive flies and techniques, stream features, access, easy-to-read icons, and more. If you are fortunate enough to fish this beautiful, historical area of America, this handbook will be your perfect guide. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 64 pages.  $16.95


Tennessee Trout Waters: Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide
Ian Rutter

There is tremendous diversity in Tennessee's trout waters: tailwater rivers, mountain streams, and lakes, and much of it is on public land. This guidebook will give you a good starting point for exploring these waters, including up-to-date information, detailed maps, and easy-to-understand icons. Productive techniques and fly patterns are given for over 25 different trout waters, as well as what species you can expect, whether hiking is required, available camping and accommodations, whether it is safe for canoe, drift boat or motorized boats, and more. Not only is Tennessee beautiful and historical, it has great trout fishing: Tennessee Trout Waters is your guide. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 86 pages.  $22.00


Alaska Rainbows
Larry Tullis

In Alaska Rainbows, Larry Tullis shares what you need to know to enjoy a successful trip to Alaska, whether you are fishing with a quide or want to try a do-it-yourself trip. Tullis includes: Alaska Trout habits and food; techniques and tackle; fly patterns; other Alaska species; Russian rainbows; Alaskan wildlife; Planning an Alaskan trip; Conservation; and more. Quit procrastinating, start planning your Alaskan adventure, Alaska Rainbows will help make it a success. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 80 pages.  $19.95


Northeast Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead Streams
John Mordock

John Mordock has fished these rivers for decades, including such fabled waters as the Ausable, Battenkill, Housatonic, Willowemoc, Neversink, small Catskill trout streams, the Delaware, Esopus, Moosehead Lake rivers, the Salmon River in New York, and so many more. So much interesting and useful information is shared for each water covered, including its history, local characters, species and hatches, even accommodations and other attractions for the non-fishers traveling with you; all of this information and more is paesed on in a entertaining way. 6 x 9 inches, 80 pages.  $15.95


Western Steelhead Fishing Guide
Milt Keizer

Teaches you virtually all the techniques (from bait to fly) for steelhead fishing. Flyfishing section by Frank Amato. Dozens of drawings, maps and illustrations showing techniques, gear and rivers including indepth chapters on California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia that explain all the best rivers to fish and when, plus catch statistics. Comprehensive book about steelhead fishing and where to find the best rivers. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 144 pages.  $14.95


Snake River Country Flies and Waters
Bruce Staples

This all-color book contains the recipes for over 100 of the finest flies for the Rocky Mountain area, their history and tying and fishing suggestions. Each fly is individaully shown in color and large size. Color photographs show all the best fly fishing waters in easten Idaho and how, when, and where to fly fish them. Henry's Fork, South Fork Snake, and the Teton are covered as well as tributaries, lakes, and reservoirs in this fly fisherman's parardise! This is a fly tying and fly fishing book that you will find invaluable! 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 96 pages.  $14.95


Ozarks Blue-Ribbon Trout Streams
Danny Hicks

Ozarks streams are exceptionally rich in nutrients that create big trout, Danny Hicks provides detailed information on this region's great fishing. This book covers all the Ozarks' year-round trout fisheries, and concentrates on the tailwaters and largest spring-fed rivers. Hicks includes: fish species, primary trout foods, all the different waters you'll encounter in the region, productive techniques for the Ozarks, fly choice, best approaches, equipment, weather, access, and more. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 88 pages.  $19.95


Fly Fishing California's Great Waters
Dan Blanton

With text and photography, it details 11 of California's great waters for a multitude of species. Locations include: San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, the California Delta, Fall River, the North Coast rivers, Nacimiento, and more. No one knows these waters better than native Californian and Fly Fishing Hall of Famer, Dan Blanton, who has been plying them for more that 45 years; and who has been writing about and photographing them for 35 years. Considered a leading flyfishing pioneer, Dan knows what he werites about, and after reading this book you will have gained a wealth of flyfishing experience, history, and knowledge. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 88 pages, full-color.  $19.95


Ten Best Western Flyfishing Destinations
Michael Fong
Photography by Michael and Christine Fong

From over 200 destinations he'd covered, Michael Fong narrowed down the list to pick the 10 best western fly-fishing destinations. Locations include the best fishing in Montana, Oregon, British Coumbia, California, Alberta, Wyoming, and Idaho. for each destination, Michael and Christine include in-depth information, such as: a description of the river and its surroundings; productive techniques and flies; fly shops; accommodations, including caampsites and RV parks; groceries; amd much more. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 96 pages, full-color.  $19.95


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