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This book and video could forever change the way you fly fish!

"It's the best system of fly fishing I've ever seen."
--E. Morse
Shaker Heights, Ohio


"I had considerable success with your techniques later that day, catching a number of fish with the technique, including a 17" brown and a 16" rainbow. I think you are really on to something."
--S. Robinson
Pittsburgh, PA


"I had to write to tell you how pleased I am with my fishing success's since I've been using the technique that I've seen you demonstrate. I figure that I've quintupled my productivity."
--D.C. Josephson
Muskegon, MI


"My cousin has only fly fished once before, but your technique got him into a dozen fish."
--A. Lijoi
Hanover, PA


“It was 3:30 in the afternoon when I started on July 29th. I fished until I lost my only 2 Patriots, and I caught 17 on the first and only 2 on the second before a tree claimed it at 6:30 p.m."
--J. Misiura
Blakely, PA

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With this book and video you could actually increase your catch by 3 or 4 times!

Patterns, Hatches, Tactics, and Trout"Patterns, Hatches, Tactics, and Trout by Charles Meck" contains exciting information that could forever change the way you fly fish!

By the time you finish chapter 2 you will probably do exactly what I did, put the book down, grab your rod, and hit the stream.

When Charles Meck is on the stream in sight of other anglers he usually hears them calling to him. "What are you using?"

Charlie has authored fourteen fly-fishing books, but his photo has never been widely circulated, so few anglers recognize Charlie on the stream.

After a period of watching him land a few beauties -- curiosity usually gets the best of anyone fishing nearby -- and they yell out: "What are you using?"

One day it got a little out of hand. Charlie arrived to a completely empty river, not one angler in more than a mile of water. And a major White Fly hatch was getting under way! Charlie thought, "Too good to be true?"

Immediately an angler appeared 40 feet upstream -- followed by four more! Charlie looked up to the sky and thought, "If there's a God up there then he should reward me for this frustrating intrusion."

While the other anglers flailed away with various patterns, Charlie began using his special technique. He spotted what appeared to be a heavy riser and cast two feet above the rise then set the hook on an 18" brown followed by a 17" brown followed by three more browns.

The five anglers were now within 20 feet and complaining that they had no strikes, as Charlie slowly backed out of the stream to a whole chorus of "What are you using?" Charlie said with a smile, "It's in my book."


See Charlie demonstrate his special techniques. You can use them immediately to begin catching more and bigger trout.

Plus, for a limited time you will receive an autographed copy of the hardback book.

  • SMOLT BLUE? Research has shown that the color blue stimulates trout to feed more than any other color. This could explain why Charlie’s red, white, and smolt-blue Patriot often works when nothing else will. The pattern is on page 197.
  • LUNKER TROUT love sunken spent spinners. Page 182
  • DYNAMITE PATTERNS that you should definitely include in your arsenal of weapons to catch trout. Page 86.
  • NATIONWIDE emergence chart. Pages 69 to 79.
  • A NYMPH PATTERN so effective you simply have to try it to believe it. Page 83.
  • COVER TWO PHASES of the mayfly life cycle with one cast.
  • LIFE-CYCLE CHART that shows each stage with patterns to match. Page 38.
  • SHUCK COLORS and emerger patterns for all major hatches. Emergers struggling to get out of their shucks are easy pickings for hungry trout. Often you think you see trout rising to the dun, but in reality they’re feeding on emergers just under the surface.
  • IS PATTERN SELECTION A MYSTERY TO YOU? If yes, you’re not alone. With over 10,000 patterns to chose from it’s a common problem. This book narrows the possibilities down to the top 75 in full color. You’ll find topnotch patterns that work consistently all over the United States, selected with one overriding criteria in mind: Do they catch trout over a wide range of waters? Finally, you’ll be able to pinpoint patterns that work!

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Patterns, Hatches, Tactics, and Trout by Charles Meck
hardback, 6 x 9 inches, 350 pages, 41 photos, 13 illustrations, 75 top patterns in color, index, color dust jacket, plus BONUS VIDEO.  $24.95

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