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Lost Stream Map
The story of how the first stream and lake map came into being begins with the late Howard Higbee, who spent 30 years drawing a map that became known to anglers as the "Lost Stream Map."
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Rave Reviews
"It's an angler's dream, a masterpiece, a map that contains streams you won't find on other maps. The possibilities for exploring new waters are endless when you fathom the scope of the map."
--George Smith
The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

"It is amazingly detailed and names some creeks in the Mohawk Valley that can't even be found on topographic maps."
--John Pitarres
Utica Observer-Dispatch, Utica,
New York

"No matter how enamored with maps you are, you've never seen a map like Professor Higbee's Stream Map of Colorado."
--Dave Buchanan
The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, Colorado

Professor Higbee'sŪ Stream & Lake Maps

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